Cheering for Children

Storrs Library, Longmeadow, MA




Dane hopes to promote multicultural understanding with her photography exhibit featuring 40 color photographs of children and young adults from 20 countries, timed to coincide with the library’s summer reading program called “Dream Big – Read!”

Dane has come to love “her people” and has a difficult time choosing amongst her photos. She has tried to balance the content with children from many different cultures, both rich and poor, at play, at school, at work and just horsing around. In some instances these foreigners look very foreign indeed, and in others, they look just like the kids participating in the reading program. She hopes her exhibit will prompt local children (and adults), to get the travel bug, pick up their own cameras and learn about others if not through actual travel, through books and the web. After all, the world is getting smaller and smaller faster and faster.

The photographer, a lifelong Longmeadow resident who describes herself as a “travel addict,” has visited over 90 countries so far. Wherever she goes and whatever landscape, art or architecture she experiences, it’s the people who never cease to fascinate her. Dane says “I’m not afraid to get ‘up close and personal.’ The face tells its own story and at the same time, reveals the pulse of that particular society. I zero in on the face I want and try to establish a rapport and trust with that person, who very likely doesn’t speak English, through charades and cajoling if necessary, to capture just the posture and expression that speaks for itself.”


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