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 View of Belo Horizonte lore Canada 1214 na 047 Croatia 196 Tour Eiffel (3) Egypt 1 321 Rathaus and Perlach Tower DSCN8382 from foot of Acropolis looking at Lykavvitos India 013 Italy 2 499 Fountain of the Crazies (3) Rooftops of Guubio Italy 2 424 DSCN4969 Barrio Ponferrada Kars , church of Apostles seen from Citadel New York City (1) New York City (2) Central Park, NYC (3) New York City (3) Central Park, NYC (4) Central Park, NYC (1) Panama City (1) Cherchell harbour.Algeria WA.CITY Upper Casbah.Algiers.CITY
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