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DSCN2862 DSCN9287 printer India 088 Bengal 1 229 Bengal Making perfume Cafe Taverna (13) Activity on the Niger DSCN0653 4 Cats Restaurant Opkwa Village, Cameroon A queen and prince of Kingdom of Bafut, Cameroon Madagascar (6) Rumtek Monastery, India Opkwa Village, Cameroon (2) 11th Fon, King of Bafut, Cameroon Wum, Cameroon Bagan, Myanmar Penjikent, Tajikistan Opkwa Village, Cameroon (1) Madagascar (2) Urumqi 5.19 Red Park Kashgar city center, China Nobles visiting the  King of Bafut, Cameroon Wum, Cameroon (2) near Bamenda, Cameroon 3.  2.1.11 at dock to go to Mingun Panama City (2) 6.  Jaipur 1.25 maybe instead of PNG 267 2. Toliara, Madagascar Ometepe, Nicaragua Loading ferry to Ometepe, Nicaragua 7.  China.   Long. first cubby short wall Mercato Marisco, Panama City (2) 1. Mad. on road to Ambositra. first cubby short wall Market, Granada, Nicaragua (18) 4.  Uganda 1 099 Mercato Marisco, Panama City (1) Casco Viejo, Panama city (2) Casco Viejo, Panama city (1)
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