Favorite Faces from Faraway Places

Daly Building - Baystate Medical Center, Springfield, MA

11th Fon, King of Bafut, Cameroon Batwa Pygmy woman, Uganda Between Darjeeling and Pelling, Sikkim, India Bhutan 16x20 (2) Cuernavaca, Mexico Darjeeling, India Dong hat, Yangshou, China. Dougia Market, Chad) Egypt.AP Ennedi Region, Chad. Ethiopia Timkat festival Golden Rock, Myanmar Goroka Sing Sing, Papua New Guinea (1) Goroka Sing Sing, Papua New Guinea (2) Goroka Sing Sing, Papua New Guinea (3) Goroka Sing Sing, Papua New Guinea Hanavave.Fatu Hiva, Marquesas Islands India Khiva, Uzbekistan Kiriwina Island, Papua New Guinea Kokand, Uzbekistan Nadaam Festival, Mongolia Paro Festival, Bhutan (1) Paro Festival, Bhutan (2) Paro Festival, Bhutan (3) Patzcuaro 10.31  16x20 Penjikent Bazaar, Tajikistan (2) Penjikent Bazaar, Tajikistan Rumtek Monastery, Sikkim, India Schweddagon Temple, Yangon, Myanmar Sepik River Area, Papua New Guinea Sri Lanka Toltuchka Bazaar,  Turkmenistan Tuareg man, Mali Turkei Mountain Range, Chad Uganda Urumqi, Capitol of the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region of China MAKE 16x20 Vanunder Hosep castle, Turkey Wewak, Papua New Guinea Wum, Cameroon

"Favorite Faces from Faraway Places," a photography exhibit by Amy S. Dane, will be on view in the Daly Building of Baystate Medical Center in Springfield from March 12 - May 1st. The 40 photographs lining the corridor to the MRI wing will display faces from twenty different countries worldwide.

Dane, a lifelong Longmeadow resident, describes herself as "a travel addict who loves to take pictures." She believes that travel builds bridges and promotes tolerance and understanding between diverse cultures. Her favorite subject is people. Since hospitals are dedicated to helping and healing people, Dane considers Baystate Medical Center a most fitting venue for her work.

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Contact Amy by email at : amy@amydaneadventures.com
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