Fire and Ice: Landscapes Worldwide

Daly Building of Baystate Medical Center, Springfield, MA

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The beauty of our world can be absolutely breathtaking. "Fire and Ice: Landscapes Worldwide," a photography exhibit by Amy S. Dane, will be on view in the Daly Building of Baystate Medical Center in Springfield from November 12 - December 30. The 40 photographs lining the corridor to the MRI wing, all for sale, will highlight landscapes and seascapes from the Arctic to Antarctica with 21 countries in between.

Viewers will enjoy glacial ice, a barren scene of an old whaler boat surrounded by penguins, volcanoes, bubbling mud pools, desert rocks and dunes, castles, rice paddies, ice caves, waterfalls, inviting beaches and sunsets. The word "fire" in the title refers to our own dazzling New England fall foliage. While narrowing down the photos Dane chose to exhibit, she was reminded that "there's no place like home." From the light house on Cape Cod to our national parks out West and finishing with the Lone Cyprus near Monterey, California, the photographer felt proud to be a citizen of one of the most beautiful countries on the face of our plant.

This is Dane's second exhibition at Baystate Hospital. Her recent exhibit "Favorite Faces from Faraway Places" earlier in the year was so well-received that she was invited back. Although she is best known for her multi-cultural portraits and photojournalism, Amy also enjoys taking pictures of landscape and flora. She is currently working on creative photography and will show some samples in the exhibition space.

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